Episode 7: In Pursuit Of medicine w/ dr angela fadahunsi

Dr. Angela shares her personal story as a wife, friend, physician, and new business owner as she discusses the journey to opening her own medical practice.

Episode 6: In Pursuit Of The Vision w/ Kenyon Henderson

Creative media producer Kenyon Henderson shares his background, views, and goal to share and inspire others through his work

Episode 5: In Pursuit Of The Hustle w/ Lu’Cretia ‘LC’ Thomas

Serial creator Lu’cretia ‘LC’ Thomas discusses her journey and the inception of Girl Behind The Hustle.

Episode 4: in pursuit of wellness w/ dr bryan mcelderry

Dr. Bryan McElderry discusses his personal journey in health and business that led him to become an entrepreneur with the goal of helping others reach their highest potential.

Episode 3: in pursuit of comedy w/ bubb & scott

Long time friends Theo ‘Bubb’ & Scott share their life experiences while pursuing careers in comedy.

Episode 2: In Pursuit of Writing w/ Windi Floyd Reynolds

Author, wife, and mother Windi Floyd Reynolds shares her inspiring story of her pursuit as a writer.

Episode 1: In Pursuit of Music w/ Brittnee ‘Fevah’ Rutland

Guest Brittnee ‘Fevah’ Rutland, singer, songwriter, and producer tells us about her life in LA in the music industry.

In Pursuit Of: Preview Episode

Learn about the creator and In Pursuit Of