We are all in pursuit of something…love, happiness, success, or some other short term or long-term goal(s).  We all share the bond of being in constant pursuit of SOMETHING.  In Pursuit Of was created to be a space were such pursuits are discussed, along with the set-backs, disappointments, and successes that they come with.  In Pursuit Of is designed to be a multi-faceted forum where thoughts, inspiration, motivation, and emotions (good, bad, and in-between) are shared.

This is a highly interactive space. Share your thoughts on what you read on the blog and hear on the podcast. Let us know if you know someone who’d be a great guest and/or contributor. Let us know if you want to be a guest! Most importantly In Pursuit Of wants to promote content that inspires you to continue to pursue your smallest to most monumental dreams.

I am Ellena (Lena) Melton the creator of In Pursuit Of.  I’ve always had a passion for writing and speaking. I had the idea to start a blog in 2014 but never completely got it off the ground. I’ve always wanted to create something that focused on motivating and inspiring myself and others like me. In 2018 I became co-host and co-producer of a podcast. When I left that podcast later that year I had resounding feedback from friends, family, and listeners that I should start my own podcast. With that motivation I decided to combine my love for writing, and my deferred dream of blogging, with my established work as a podcaster and hence In Pursuit Of was born.

Losing my mother suddenly in 2017 completely changed my outlook on life. I became more present, introspective, and goal oriented. I was truly shown that life is short, so everyday should be used to pursue whatever it is that makes you happy. For that reason I want to share my story and the stories of others, to encourage us all to pursue those things or dreams we keep putting off. I hope you enjoy and are inspired.